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    Dean Lettice – Vocals
    Chris Revett – Bass
    Jonathan Egmore – Guitar
    James Burke – Drums

    “THE INFERNAL SEA, Black Metal from the Fens, UK.

    Formed in early 2010, The Infernal Sea’s style is rooted in the traditional Black Metal sounds. Not afraid to experiment and push the boundaries The Infernal Sea bring an eclectic mix of influences to their sound. The Infernal Sea’s sound and intense live performances have carved them into something unique and terrifying.

    TIS have supported the likes of Anaal Nathrakh, 1349, Napalm Death, Moss, Vreid, Desecration, Eastern Front, Ethereal and more.

    They had the honour of headlining the ‘New Blood’ stage at Bloodstock Open Air in 2013.

    TIS have forged into mainland Europe numerous times in their short history, playing festivals and touring throughout Belgium, France, The Netherlands & Luxembourg.

    The Infernal Sea’s 2nd full length album, ‘The Great Mortality’ is due for release on 19/02/16 via legendary label Cacophonous Records. It focuses on the black death that swept across the UK and Europe from 1348 and the horrors that man inflicted upon one another as a result. The new album sees TIS pushing their sound into more brutal, terrifying and dystopian territory.

    “…Raw, utterly anguished take on Black Metal – think Rebel Extravaganza-era Satyricon and you’ll be in the right sort of ballpark – positively pulsates with thick, grimy grooves and skin-shredding riffage, the vocals a distorted howl of despair and contempt…”
    No Clean Singing, March 2015

    For enquiries regarding The Infernal Sea please contact the band at

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    Twitter @theinfernalsea
    Instagram – theinfernalsea
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    Merchandise can be purchased via our Big Cartel page:

    Our releases are also stocked by
    Todestrieb (UK) –
    UKEM (UK) –
    Skin and Bones Records (UK) –

    Call of the Augur – CD (SOLD OUT)
    (First 100 hand numbered. Further 100 repressed with different colour outer sleeves, 2nd batch were not hand numbered).

    Call of the Augur – Cassette.
    Limited Edition of 77 and released only in Russia by From the Dark Past Records (FDP 38).

    The Crypt Sessions EP – Cassette (SOLD OUT)
    (First 30 hand numbered with Black outer cases. 70 repressed with Red outer cases, 2nd batch were not hand numbered).

    The Crypt Sessions EP – CD (SOLD OUT)
    (100 hand numbered and crafted CDs with outer slip case)

    The Infernal Sea/Disinterred split 7″ (SOLD OUT)
    (Limited edition pressing of 250 pieces released on Death Mould Records. 125 on transparent red with black splatter effect and 125 on transparent green with black splatter)

    The Infernal Sea/Old Corpse Road
    Insidious Art and Serpentine Rites’ split 7″ (SOLD OUT)
    (Limited edition pressing of 250 pieces on orange coloured wax released by Three Swords Records).

    The Great Mortality – Cassette
    Limited Edition C44 release.
    (100 copies pressed on Cocoa Brown cassettes, housed in hand made hessian bags and stuffed with straw)

    The Great Mortality – Cassette
    (100 copies produced on Green, Purple, Orange and Yellow cassettes)

    The Great Mortality – CD
    Limited Tour Edition (SOLD OUT)
    (100 copies pressed on vinyl effect CDs, housed in 100% recycled card sleeves and hand numbered)”

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