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By March 22, 20162016

And here we are!
After a few days of playing around, decision making about which web platform would be more suitable for my on-line presence, I finally decided and went forward with this one (WP) and leave the old CMS I was using, that wasn’t giving me much possibilities and flexibility.

With some tips, advices and a lot of research, here I have my portfolio/blog in 1. It’s like 3in1:

– portfolio
– contact point -booking point
– blog (will be constantly updated with my daily photographs, more personal. Not commercial or whatsoever.
– Pretty simple design (suggestions for it, very welcome by e-mail)

The reason I did included all the work I’ve been doing the last year, it’s because at the moment I am 100% doing Photography! That’s right, I decided to left my full-time and safe shelter job to take a risk and finally try to do what I love and what I have to pursuit.



Amplifest 2012, Porto, Portugal


At the moment I am looking for:
– Get involved with other projects – publications, artists (suck bands etc.), photographers, models, photojournalists, agencies and promoters;
– Develop and enrich more my portfolio with diversity of projects and themes;
– Get new system – switch to Nikon for photography pieces;
– Fine tune my style and balance what I’ve done and where can I improve with what I have;
– work work, work;
– learn learn learn;
– Try to not grow up this list. Doing the opposite instead.

Nothing much more to say, just share if you like the page and the blog, also created a Facebook page (I think now I am a serious photographer for having it) and that will be updated with the new posts here in this blog, and of course You can follow me in any social media links bellow!

Thanks a lot for your time and welcome aboard!